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I AM teachING my sons to fish

Give a man a fish and he will eat today. Teach a man to fish and he will never go hungry.

My dream began about 15 years ago as I was juggling 2 jobs, raising 2 boys alone, and trying to attend every event they participated in. There were many nights after 16-18 hour days I would make it home just to put them in bed. It was on one of those late nights that I made a promise to myself that my sons would never have to work like I was just to survive. Whatever it took, I would build them a legacy so they never had to sacrifice time with their families.

I did not know how. I did not know when. I never gave up hope though. I used the time to broaden and deepen my skill base and solidify business relationships that would soon prove to be game changers. When the door opened in 2016 I took the leap, launching SDVA Solutions. For the past 3 years I have worked to build a strong foundation on which the promise I made to myself so long ago can come true.

I am a believer in working hard and having integrity, passion, determination and authenticity it every thing I do. I see the same traits in my sons and it makes me beam with pride and joy. This journey is long from over and I am excited to see where it takes the Jewells. I hope to get to know each and everyone of you that stop by. If you ever have a concern, question, or suggestion I'd love to her from you.

A, Jewell

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